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Weekend happenings...happy times, spending, and mini-rant

June 15th, 2015 at 11:41 am

This weekend we had some of DH's friends (C and V) over--we went to Niagara Falls and took them around our town. Most of the trip was super fun! Also, we spent only a little bit above what I was expecting.

61.45 Groceries/beer purchased before they arrived for breakfasts and one dinner
25.53 Gasoline (filled up tank, we still have 1/4 left)
13.20 Coffee for the four of us
59.32 Lunch for the four of us
76.00 Passes to various Niagara attractions for DH and me (C and V paid their own passes!!)
97.42 Dinner for the four of us
15.00 Lunch for DH and I
5.00 Tasting at brewery for Dh and I

Overall, we paid only a little more than I had planned. Part of that is b/c we were told the night before their arrival that V had certain dietary restrictions and that her doctor demanded she adhere to a strict type of diet (intolerance to a long list of things, will only eat certain approved brands of foods, must be 100% organic, etc.). I didn't mind accommodating this at first, since (as a vegan) I always appreciate it when a host takes the care to accommodate my dietary preference. This is why our grocery bill was so high for just the few days they were here. A lot of that was in organic nuts, organic fruits, particular type of organic tea, gluten free organic bread and organic fruit juice (what we were told she has to eat for breakfast). Interestingly enough...her diet apparently does NOT extend to meals or snacks out (where she ate absolutely anything!). The only time she ate the special foods on her "diet" were breakfasts and the dinner at home we cooked (we couldn't find a local restaurant to accommodate her diet). Then...when they left this morning...I noticed they took a bunch of our food from our pantry and fridge! When I went to make breakfast and saw they'd taken all our nuts, dried fruit, hummus, a bunch of tea, leftover enchiladas I made the day before they came (and they jacked the glass container they were in too!), juice, and misc canned goods (????). DH said I shouldn't make a deal of it, since they had a long train ride ahead and if they had asked I would have said yes...but that isn't the point! Who the heck takes a bunch of food without asking?!

Whatever. I can say that the one bright point of having them with us was when they offered to pay for parking at Niagara Falls, which cost $20. They didn't cover us for anything else, but that $20 is the first time they've chipped in for our share of anything.

What's even more annoying is that C frequently bragged about how he makes twice what DH does...sigh. Anyway, overall the trip was pretty fun, and DH and I got to spend some romantic time alone at NF--so it was well worth it! DH was also very happy to see his friend C. I've already vented to mom, so I'm going to try to just remember the happy parts of this past weekend (there were many fun and happy parts!!) and let go of the frustration/judgement with/about C and V.

Anyway, I'm off to go catch up on reading other blogs and prepare more for my interview tomorrow!

5 Responses to “Weekend happenings...happy times, spending, and mini-rant”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    I'm mad at them just reading your post. But you're husband's right, it's best to let it go. Let me be mad for you.

  2. laura/deacon's wife Says:

    I'll carry some of the offense, too, on your behalf.

    You can move on; I'll just carry it with my baggage for awhile. Smile

  3. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Do DH's friends live in a nice locality? If so, I'd be inviting yourselves to a weekend at their house! You'd get free food and drinks and get driven around and all you need to pay for is parking - sounds awesome!!!

  4. greenleaf Says:

    Wow, their behavior is bizarre- I can't imagine stealing canned goods while visiting friends!

  5. mimaki Says:

    Thanks all, DH is super positive all the time and he is the only thing that keeps me sane sometimes (I can be a tad high-strung), but when things like this happen I wish he'd get at least a little peeved! They only took like ~$40-45 of food stuffs, but like seriously? That's not normal behavior!

    OzGirl, they do live in a nice area, not a bad idea! lol...and I know Greenleaf, that was the weirdest thing they took. Like I get the nuts and dried fruit (snacky) and juice (tho they didn't have cups). But canned goods? I don't think they had a can opener and what they took were three cans of beans (the cheap Aldi ones I keep on hand for when I'm too lazy to cook dried ahead). I only know for sure that they're missing since I've been tracking for the pantry challenge...

    I'm not really mad anymore, since DH has agreed we don't have to host them at our place anymore--so I know this won't happen again. And I'm glad they didn't take anything truly inappropriate/valuable. They sent us some texts today saying how grateful they were that we could accommodate them this weekend, so that was nice.

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